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A Student Symposium on Race and Indigeneity in the Pacific: Moving Islands, Expanding Worlds

November 28, 2017

HANDS-ON LEARNING IN HAWAII: For 15 Northwestern undergraduates, an eight-day trip to Hawaii in September 2017 proved to be a memorable preparation for their class on “Race and Indigeneity in the Pacific” this fall. The course, taught by Nitasha Sharma, director of the University’s Asian American Studies Program, along with postdoctoral fellow Hi’ilei Julia Hobart, immersed the students in the experience of indigeneity. During the Sept. 10-18 trip, students paired a hands-on exploration of Hawaiian culture with face-to-face discussions with local academics, activists and cultural practitioners.

The unique course concluded in November 2017 with a student-led, student-directed research symposium in which students presented final projects examining a range of indigenous topics such as food sovereignty, women’s activism and decolonizing education.

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