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Comparative Race and Diaspora Cluster

Comparative Race and Diaspora is a Graduate Cluster of African American Studies, Asian American Studies, and Latina and Latino Studies.

Comparative Race and Diaspora (CRD) supports graduate training among students interested in the study of racial formations and diasporic communities, seeking to bring such students together so that they may better see how their projects together reveal linkages and continuities as well as disruptions among various diasporic groups. The cluster engages in the history, practice, and criticism of race, extending scholarship beyond national, cultural and racial boundaries through juxtaposition with critical examination of diaspora, and seeks to delineate post-modernity and post-coloniality in racialized and diasporic conditions. Comparison, as a scholarly and analytical task, is central to this cluster, which highlights histories and connections among different peoples, communities, and nations.

To contact the CRD:  Raymond San Diego