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Apply to be a Graduate Assistant

Check back in Spring 2021 to apply for our 2021-2022 Grad Assistantship!

The Asian American Studies Program invites applications for a graduate assistantship to a Northwestern doctoral student with research interests relevant to Asian American Studies. This Graduate Assistantship is open to any graduate student between their 2nd and 5th year and offers the opportunity to extend funding beyond the initial 20 quarters. If this assistantship is awarded during students’ 2nd through 5th year, students are eligible to receive up to 3 additional quarters of University funding during their sixth year.

The GA will be asked to spend three quarters working with the Program Chair and Administrative Assistant performing programmatic work and teaching duties which may include serving as a grader, a Teaching Assistant, or as an Instructor of their own course. Applicants must be in good academic standing, have the approval of the program DGS and primary dissertation advisor to accept the appointment, be in a humanities or social science field, not be beyond their fifth year in the year of the appointment, and must be a TGS student.
Applications should include the following:

  1. A cover letter encapsulating your research, teaching, and related interests and their relevance to Asian American Studies.
  2. A one-paragraph description of a possible course you would be interested in teaching.
  3. A CV, including the contact information of your doctoral advisor or another referee (no letter needed at time of application).

Check back in Spring 2021 for application deadlines and information. Questions can be directed to Nitasha Sharma at

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