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Asian American Studies Program

About the Program


Why Asian American Studies?

Asian American Studies students

Studying the experiences of Asian Americans will open up a window to examine globalization, international relations, the complexity of culture and prepares the student to learn more about themselves and their relationship to a new global world order.


Asian American Studies Logo Design Contest


Calling all creatives! We want you to design a sweatshirt, a sticker, and a logo for the Asian American Studies Program. You can submit to all three or just choose one of the three categories.

A prize pool of $1200 will be divided between one winner, one fan-favorite, and runner-up in each category. Submissions are due Monday, 2/28! Best of luck to you!

Contact Emily Mun ( for any additional questions or clarification.

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Statements From Asian American Studies



BIPOC Communities and the 2020 Election

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Online

Wondering how the 2020 Elections are affecting Asian American, Black, and Latinx voters? Come listen to expert Northwestern Professors ...

Past Events


Yuh: On racism against Asians and Asian Americans at Northwestern
Asian American Studies Congrats Class of 2021
Huang: An Ode to Professor Yuh
Patricia Nguyen Illinois Humanities

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